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Tech Tips: Portable PA & Rechargeable Batteries

Tech Tips: Portable PA & Rechargeable Batteries

Portable PA speakers have become more popular than ever, with increased sound quality and upgraded design features making them a great option for all kinds of scenarios. Continuous playback duration and battery lifespan will vary depending on make and model, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of the internal battery life and avoid running it down prematurely.

Firstly, the manual is your friend! We know it's not exciting and kind of obvious, but the manual will contain information on the best practice when it comes to maximising the life of the unit's batteries and the best charging/re-charging protocols.

When you receive your new portable PA system, fully charge the battery before you use it for the first time. It is not usually necessary to deep cycle the battery (fully discharging before re-charging). Depending on the battery this can sometimes lead to negative side-effects regarding overall battery lifespan. The battery will slowly self-discharge when not in use, so it is recommended to fully charge the battery before storing for extended periods. Also, the battery should be re-charged every 3 months, regardless of use.

Heat is also a factor to consider when taking care of your re-chargeable batteries. Storing the battery in a hot environment can damage it, irreversibly. Exposing the battery to heat or sunlight for extended periods of time is not recommended. This includes charging the battery in high environmental temperatures. It is important at the very least, to store the battery in a cool place when not in use and if possible, extend this to when it is being used as well.

Finally, re-chargeable batteries are a consumable object and as such, they are only covered against manufacturing faults by a 90 warranty. They have a limited number of charge cycles and will need to be replaced at some point regardless of how well they are cared for. But if you take the appropriate steps you can get the most from your battery’s lifespan. If your speaker operating time decreases notably, it's often a sign that the battery needs to be replaced. As mentioned earlier, each unit is different, and the manual will usually be your best resource for information about battery maintenance and expected lifespan. Manuals can often be downloaded from manufacturer websites, so you can investigate some of these factors prior to purchasing if you like and as always don't hesitate to get in touch with us in-store or online if you have any questions regarding a portable PA setup.

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