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Studio Gear

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About Studio Gear

Studio Gear

At Store DJ, we stock a huge range of Studio Gear - everything you need to record, compose, mix and master your own music.

In this section of the website, you'll find eveything from Audio and MIDI interfaces and controllers to Synthesizers, Drum Machines and Samplers. Studio Monitors and Microphones, Software, Portable Recorders and Accessories covering everything from spare parts through to cases, stands and acoustic treatment. There are complete systems to get you started, or advanced additions for experienced users.

No matter how you prefer to work - be it hardware or computer based, in a studio or on the go, our team can assist you. With many accomplished producers on staff, we can show you options that will fit your workflow and help you get the sound you want. We always have a great range of Studio Gear on display, so visit us in any one of our four stores to find out more.

Use these devices to get audio in and out of your computer. Some Audio Interfaces also feature mic preamps and DSP audio effects.
Audio Interfaces
From keyboards to buttons, faders, dials and pedals. Use these devices to get hands-on control over your software or hardware devices.
MIDI Controllers & Interfaces
Available in various formats (keyboard, desktop, modular), synthesisers are electronic devices for creating sound.
Beats are the lifeblood of music. We stock a wide range of drum machines and samplers - the tools to build your groove.
Drum Machines & Samplers
Find everything for connecting your iOS and Android devices to the world of music here. Write, record or perform on the go!
iOS Equipment
From large analogue classics to nimble digital models, the mixer is the hub of the traditional studio setup, blending all of your sources.
Studio Mixers
Use Signal Processors to fine tune your sound. Includes compressors/limiters, effects, converters and whole channel strips.
Signal Processors
The final link in the chain, studio monitors are speakers specifically designed to give you accurate sound reproduction in the studio.
Studio Monitors
Microphones are the first link in the recording chain, used for capturing voices, instruments and samples. Find microphones for every situation here.
Studio Microphones
Integral to the modern studio setup, software can be used for recording, writing and arrangement, mixing and mastering.
Choose from large desktop recorders (that include a mixer) through to pocket recorders, great for capturing found-sounds or DJ sets.
This category includes all the little things that keep your studio ticking, including stands, cases, acoustic treatment and spare parts.
Studio Accessories
Grid List
KRK ROKIT RP5G3 5" Studio Monitors (Black Pair)
Our Price
Save $67
In Stock
Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Our Price
$165 In Stock
Shure SM57 Instrument Microphone
Our Price
$159 In Stock
Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone
Our Price
$728 In Stock
Rode Wireless GO Compact Wireless Microphone System
Our Price
$279 Accepting Orders
Rode PSA1 Professional Studio Boom Arm
Our Price
$128 Accepting Orders
Yamaha MG06X 6 Input Mixer w/ FX
Our Price
$159 In Stock
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