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About Slipmats


Slipmats are one of the oldest DJ accessories on the planet. Slipmats are what sit in-between turntables and records, giving DJs a slippery surface so they can stop, scratch and cue tracks more easily.

Slipmats have always been available in different thicknesses, fabrics and designs and even now, long after the dominant force of turntables, they still remain highly popular with DJs, being both useable and collectable.

Store DJ has a range of Slipmats from companies including Madslips, Sicmats, Butter Rugs, Serato, NI and Technics, so come in and grab yourself a pair today. Be careful, as once you buy a pair you will want more and more and more!

Grid List
Ortofon DJ Slipmats (Pair)
Ortofon Digital Slipmats (Pair)
Ortofon Mix Slipmats (Pair)
Ortofon Club Slipmats (Pair)
Ortofon Scratch Slipmats (Pair)
Technics White Logo Slipmats (Pair)
Technics Speedmat Blue Slipmats (Pair)
Store DJ Slipmats (Pair)
Store DJ Slipmats (Pair)
Our Price
Madslips Selector & DJ Slipmats (Pair)
Technics Gold Logo Slipmats (Pair)
Ortofon Gramophone Slipmats (Pair)
Technics DMC Hip Hop Roots Slipmats  (Pair)
Technics Silver Dot Slipmats (Pair)
Madslips Geometric Slipmats (Pair)
Madslips Speakerball Slipmats (Pair)
Store DJ Slipmat (Single)
Madslips Rasta Lion Slipmats (Pair)
Technics Skull & Phones Slipmats (Pair)
Technics Speedmat Red Slipmats (Pair)
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