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Acoustic Treatment

Treat your Studio to better acoustics

About Acoustic Treatment

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Acoustic Treatment

Why do I need Acoustic Treatment? Most rooms used for music production haven’t been designed for music from the start. This often means that they do not provide an accurate sound (maybe adding some echo, or effecting frequencies).

Acoustic treatment can be used to correct the sound of a room, allowing you to create your music with the confidence that what you’re hearing is ‘true’. At Store DJ we stock Acoustic Treatment products for any space where audio is created. Our range includes absorption foam tiles, diffusion panels, bass traps and speaker isolation pads, as well as complete room kits.

At Store DJ we understand Acoustic Treatment. We know how important accurate reproduction of your sound is to the finished product, and can help with the correct solution for you. Visit us to discuss your needs, or check out the great range below.

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Auralex StopGap Acoustical Sealant
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