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Atmospheric Effects

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Atmospheric Effects

Atmospheric Effects, such as Bubble Machines, Smoke Machines and Haze Machines are set up to highlight the lighting effects you install to any location.

A Bubble Machine will spray a steady stream of bubbles and work very much like a fog effects - people can see lights bounce through and off them as they travel around the dancefloor. Bubbles are fun and great in a wide range of uses.

Smoke Machines are the most popular and easy way to highlight your lighting effects in any situation, as the beams of light are much more visible when there is a fog. Smoke machines run on special fluid that will heat up in your smoke machine before spraying out to your audience on either a timed or manual push button release.

Haze Machines are similar to smoke, but contain a fluid that is much more transparent and subtle when compared to smoke or fog. Haze machines are therefore used widely in stadiums or concert venues to create an atmosphere perfect for the event without fear of having thick plumes of smoke that does not move around so easily as haze effects.

Store DJ stocks a large range of Atmospheric Effects, such as Smoke, Haze and Bubble and we understand the difference between all the products on offer, so if you need any help in choosing the right Atmospheric effect for your venue, visit us or click below to view more.

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Antari Bubble Fluid 5 Litre
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DL Z400 Smoke Machine (400W)
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Chauvet Nimbus Pro Low Lying Dry Ice Machine
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Save $400
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