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Creators of innovative DAW, Ableton Live and the matching Push hardware, this German company is a favourite among music makers.
German synthesizer makers, Access are best known for their Virus range of synths. We stock a range of desktop and keyboard Access synths.
Germany’s ADAM are manufacturers of premium studio speakers, ranging from small, desktop speakers to subs and large midfield/main monitors.
Often teaming up with artists to release special editions, AIAIAI produce high-quality headphones with a focus on design.
Creators of the famous MPC, Akai Pro produces a wide range of music products, specialising in grooveboxes, controllers and control keyboards.
Since 1947, Austrian company AKG has been synonymous with premium sound quality for musicians, sound engineers and music lovers.
This American PA company is a great source of powered speakers, mixers and wireless microphones.
This famous British brand produces high-end studio consoles as well as smaller mixers for broadcast or project studios.
Allen & Heath
This American PA company is a great source of powered speakers, mixers and wireless microphones.
Alto Pro Audio
AM Clean Sound
Based in Los Angeles, American DJ produce a wide range of lights for mobile entertainers, DJs, nightclubs and events.
American DJ
With a focus on products that are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, Antari specialise in smoke, haze and fog machines.
Famous for their Aural Exciters, Aphex now produce a range of signal processing devices including compressors, D/A convertors, preamps and audio interfaces.
A specialist in audio interfaces and peripherals since 1985, Apogee are known as experts in user experience.
Protect your lighting equipment with bags and cases from the specialists that are strong enough to protect, but light enough to carry.
Arriba Cases
Applied Research and Technology (ART) produce a wide range of products with the needs of the musician in mind.
French company Arturia are well known for their emulations of classic synths as well as their creation of true originals.
Microphones Designed and produced in the UK with input from leading music producers. Aston: anti-conformist, accessible and essential.
Aston Microphones
With a proud heritage of award-winning audio excellence, English company Audient is known for its high-quality audio interfaces and preamps.
With a history of innovation in the DJ market, AI are the creators of the most popular high-performance DJ faders in the world - Innofader.
Audio Innovate
Devoted to the design, Audio Technica manufacture turntables and accessories, corded and wireless mics and headphones.
Audio Technica
Based in Australia, Audiofly design and build headphones with an eye on the classics and a mission to push boundaries, offering a product like no other.
Auralex do one thing and do it well. Their products give you the power to make every room the best it can be.
Avid make Pro Tools, the choice for many recording and mixing pros, as well as controllers and interfaces for use with Pro Tools.
This German manufacturer makes a wide range of products for DJs and musicians, from PA speakers to mixer, controllers and microphones.
A great example of high-end German engineering, Beyerdynamic specialise in headphones and microphones.
Blue Microphones
A software house based in Berlin, Bitwig are the makers of Bitwig Studio, an innovative DAW built fresh from the ground up.
Boss is the go-to brand for stompboxes and guitar-style pedal effects, loopers, recorders and drum machines.
CR Laser specialise in professional laser performance systems and intelligent lights, ranging from small, single-colour units, to high-power multi-colour models.
CR Laser
A great range of party lights - versatile fixtures offering value for money. Perfect for mobile DJs or small venues.
CR Lite
Crane makes hardwearing laptop stands and tablet mounts that are the choice of countless professionals.
High resolution live recording and playback machines. Cymatic Audio make setup and capture easy, leaving you to work on the performance.
Cymatic Audio
A true pioneer, Dave Smith has been responsible for some landmark synthesisers, and continues to make modern classics.
Dave Smith Instruments
This Dutch brand produces a huge catalogue of pro-quality products including mixers, amplifiers, speaker systems, cables and connectors.
DAP Audio
DBX specialise in rackmount processors such as EQs, compressors, crossovers and driveracks.
Made from hardwearing polycarbonate, Decksavers are the ultimate way to protect your gear from bumps, scratches, dust and liquid.
This innovative Japanese company produces high-end electronics for DJs - They specialise in DJ controllers and media players.
DiGiGrid is the offspring of two titans of the professional audio industry: Waves and DiGiCo. They produce advanced audio interface systems, running over Ethernet, that are easily scalable (some offering DSP plugin hosting).
You only get one set of ears, so look after them! Earasers are the solution - lightweight, comfortable, reusable and most of all extremely effective.
Electro Harmonix
Swedish producer of synths, drum machines and performance samplers, Elektron marries analogue and digital worlds for unique instruments.
"Etymotic" (pronounced "et-im-oh-tik.") means "true to the ear”- a perfect description for these high-fidelity earplugs and earphones.
Etymotic Research
From small desktop two-way speakers to larger three-way studio monitors and subwoofers, Eve utilise a long history in design to produce unique products.
EVE Audio
Australian-owned Event Lighting specialises in LED lights and par cans; great for big light washes.
Event Lighting
Fluid Audio are a company specialising in studio monitors with bold new ideas, not just the same designs you’ve heard before.
Fluid Audio
From small format, portable devices to larger rackmount units, Focusrite are famous for their microphone preamps and audio interfaces.
This selection of power conditioners and uninterruptable power supplies will keep your equipment supplied with clean, reliable power.
For tough cases and durable bags, you can’t go past Florida’s Gator. This company makes everything you need to protect your gear.
These black stands with iconic yellow highlights are rock solid and built to last. They can be found on stage and in studios everywhere.
French company Hercules DJ produce a range of controllers for the digital DJ. These small-format controllers offer robust construction and a wide ranges of features.
Hercules DJ
Hand-made in Germany to the highest standards, HK Audio is synonymous with high-quality PA systems such as the L.U.C.A.S. Nano.
HK Audio
Hosa boast a comprehensive inventory encompassing a wide range of premium audio, video, data cables and adapters.
Dedicated to supporting musicians, Icon makes a wide range of products that are easy to use, and easy on the wallet.
iConnectivity create Hardware for musicians wishing to integrate mobile devices and computers into their workflow, reducing complexity and improving productivity.
From Italy’s design hub of Modena, IK Multimedia are specialists in portable recording and control solutions for iDevices and Android.
IK Multimedia
Image Line
Infinity are a premium range of moving heads lights from Dutch manufacturer Showtec. The line consists of RGBW washes, spotlights and beams.
Infinity Intelligent Lighting
Get the best performance out of your speakers or studio monitors with these isolation stands, available in a range of models.
Izotope produces software for audio pros. Choose from packages for synthesis and beat-creation, mixing, mastering and restoration.
Jands are an Australian-owned company producing lighting dimmers and control consoles.
From studio monitors to PA speakers and all speaker accessories, this iconic American brand has been around since 1946!
Out of the technology hub that is Berkeley, California, Keith McMillen produces controllers with a difference.
Keith McMillen
German designed and engineered stands for keyboards mics, speakers, iPads and more. Great materials and solid construction.
Konig Meyer
At the forefront of electronic instrument design, Tokyo-based Korg continues to push boundaries with great instruments and controllers.
With their iconic yellow speaker cones, these studio monitors sound accurate and look great. Easy to spot in many pro studios!
Specialising in haze and fog machines, Le Maitre has been producing atmospheric effects since the 1970s.
Le Maitre
Famous for their high quality studio effects, Lexicon make computer audio interfaces and processors.
Line 6
British company LiteConsole produce portable DJ consoles that are easy to transport and setup/pack down, while looking slick and professional.
A brightly lit lighting brand, offering a comprehensive range of affordable lighting products for installation, studio & live events.
Originally known as MIDIman, M-Audio makes MIDI and audio solutions including keyboards, monitors, audio interfaces and headphones.
Mackie make rock-solid mixers and monitoring solutions for studios of all sizes.
Founded in 1987, Martin are specialist producers of disco lights, fog machines and accessories.
Martin Guitars
Mayflower Electronics produce a range of quality headphone amplifiers, all handmade in the USA , designed to make your headphones sound better than ever.
Mayflower Electronics
Melody Mate
Meters Music
MIDI Solutions
Poor-quality cables will let you down. Mogami is "The Cable of the Pros." Virtually every major recording facility is wired with Mogami.
Designed for producers and DJs, MONO bags look cool, and have heaps of great features - the choice of many Store DJ staff.
Mono Cases
For many, Moog is THE analogue synthesizer brand. With a stable featured on countless recordings, Moog has a huge following.
An influential brand since the 80s, MOTU makes audio and MIDI interfaces for beginners right through to the pickiest professional.
Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing.
Native Instruments
Controllers and control keyboards with a focus on innovation and integration, that will work with your existing software right out of the box.
Nektar Technology
Kings of in(Novation), Novation are manufacturers of category changing synthesizers, controllers and control keyboards.
From drumpads to synthesisers and stage pianos, Nord’s popular range stands out from the crowd with their signature red chassis.
An enduring DJ brand, Numark make hardware for the DJ ranging from players and controllers to speakers and headphones.
Odyssey produce a huge range of bags and cases and DJ stands designed to fit your gear snugly, keep it safe and looking good.
Makers of unique turntable cartridges, this Danish brand is popular with everyone from turntablists to audiophiles.
When you really value your audio, buy the cables designed for the pros. Oyaide use premium components and innovative designs.
A household name, Pioneer entered the DJ market in the 1990’s and has dominated with their DJ players and mixers ever since.
Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, this small synthesiser company produces hand-built electronic instruments for musicians and sonic architects of all experience levels.
Pittsburgh Modular
Planet Waves
Play Differently
Positive Grid
With a background in high-end studios, Presonus produce great mixers, monitors and interfaces for studios of any size.
Renowned for its musician-centric approach, Propellerhead has created some of the world's most innovative music software applications, interfaces and technology standards.
From humble beginnings in California, QSC has become a leader in power amps, loudspeakers, and networked audio solutions.
With a focus on precision, Rane mixers and DVS systems are the choice of pro DJs from house blenders to scratch champions.
Designed and produced in Italy since 1949, RCF make a large range of active PA speakers and subwoofers.
Based in Germany, this young team of musicians and engineers create high-quality audio interfaces and microphone preamps.
Road Ready do one thing and we do it well - making cases that stand up to the rigours of the road.
Road Ready
Proudly Australian made and owned, the Rode name is synonymous with quality. Rode produce microphones for studio, live and camera use.
Roland have created some of the most popular synths and drum machines of all time. We stock Roland instruments, amps and accessories.
Roli are the creators of the Seaboard Rise series and the Seaboard Grand –keyboards that allow the user to shape sound intuitively through touch.
Rycote make microphone shock mounts and windshields. These tools are designed for capturing audio whilst preventing wind and handling noise.
Offering great value for money, Samson speakers, mics and studio accessories are the choice of many home and project studios.
sE make microphones ranging from beginner spec to high end professional mics and mic accessories such as reflexion filters.
With German engineering and decades of experience in innovation, Sennheiser make a popular range of headphones and microphones.
New Zealand’s Serato are makers of the famous Serato Digital Vinyl System. We stock a range of expansion packs and control vinyl.
One of the largest lighting producers in Europe, Showtec offers a broad range of lighting fixtures, controllers and accessories.
With a history dating back to the 1920’s, Shure make a huge range of audio gear from mics to headphones and turntable cartridges.
Swedish company Softube develops audio hardware and software. Many of their plugins recreate famous models of studio hardware.
Built on Australian design, these mixing and recording tools include monitor controllers, summing mixers and mic accessories.
SM Pro Audio
From classic consoles to remote digital mixers, this trusted British audio company continues to make future classics.
Steinberg make audio interfaces as well as editing software Wavelab and Cubase - the advanced music production system.
From parent company FATAR (makers of keybeds for many big brands), Studio Logic makes quality synths and stage pianos for players.
Studio Logic
Pioneers of digital recording, Tascam have lead the way since the 70’s. They make digital recording solutions for every situation.
TC Helicon
Responsible for the most famous DJ turntable of all time, the SL1200 series, Technics produce a range of turntable and vinyl accessories.
Swedish electronic company Teenage Engineering are known for their innovative, small-format electronic instruments.
Teenage Engineering
Headed by scratch-royalty: Qbert and Yogafrog, Thud Rumble have made records and accessories for the scratch DJ since 1996.
Thud Rumble
Starting out as musicians making software for their own use, Toontrack are known for their advanced sampled instruments such as EZ Drummer and Superior Drummer.
Tough, lightweight bags and cases for your DJ and studio gear, records and CDs. UDG - There is no substitute for quality.
Ultimate Support is dedicated to supporting audio professionals with high quality stands for speakers, racks, monitors and more.
Ultimate Support
Inventors of products and recording techniques, Universal Audio make a range of audio interfaces, DSP effects and hardware processors.
Universal Audio
V-Moda produce a range of headphones and earphones that bridge the gap between what you want to wear and what you want to hear.
Since the 80’s German company Waldorf have been turning out an impressive range of desktop and keyboard, analogue and digital synths.
Wave Panels are dedicated to the modern recording artist, developing and manufacturing acoustic treatments here in Australia.
Waves are a developer of high-quality audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.
Xone is premium British brand Allen & Heath’s range of DJ products including mixers, patchbays, headphones and controllers. DJs love Xone!
A brand trusted by millions, Yamaha produces a wide range studio and live equipment for every budget from beginner pro.
A specialist in recording and portable audio solutions, this Japanese company are known for their original designs.
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