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About Stylus


A Stylus is a record needle that you find at the end of a Turntable cartridge. Every cartridge requires a particular stylus that works with your cartridge connection.

The main difference between a normal vinyl stylus and a DJ stylus is that a DJ stylus works in two directions, forwards and backwards. This means that a DJ can cue up a track and spin the record backwards or scratch, without breaking the stylus.

We stock Styli from Shure, Ortofon, Numark, Audio Technica, Vestax. Styli are sold as replacement parts, as they are simply one part of the turntable cartridge.

You need to be sure that you match your Stylus to your cartridge and not purchase one that does not fit your current cart or housing setup. If you are unsure what kind of cart you own, bring it in or give us a call to find out what replacement styli options exist for your setup.

Grid List
Shure Whitelabel Stylus NWHLB
Ortofon Pro S Stylus - Black (Spherical)
Pioneer PNX10 Stylus for PCX10 Cartridge
Numark CS-1 stylus
Numark CS-1 stylus
Our Price
Ortofon DJ S Stylus - Blue (Spherical)
Ortofon Pro Stylus - Silver (Spherical)
Ortofon Gold Stylus (Elliptical)
Ortofon DJ E Stylus - Blue (Elliptical)
Ortofon Scratch Stylus - Pink (Spherical)
Shure N97XE HiFi Stylus For M97XE Cartridge
Numark PT01 Replacement Cartridge & Stylus
Ortofon Arkiv Stylus - White (Elliptical)
Ortofon Elektro Stylus - White (Spherical)
Ortofon Digitrack Stylus - Red (Spherical)
Ortofon Cocoon Stylus (Elliptical)
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