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Click here to check out the GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER PRO.

Whether you want to livestream your DJ sets, record demo/cover videos, or simply have the tools to produce music on the go - a portable smartphone mixer could be the perfect addition to your repertoire. Roland recently released the brand new GO:MIXER PRO, an updated model of the original GO:MIXER. We’re going to dive in and check out the key differences between the two versions so you know which to pick up. Before that, though, let’s look at what both models have in common.

Both the GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER PRO connect to your smartphone, allowing you to record and mix high quality audio on the go. They feature a range of inputs, letting you record multiple instruments or sound sources at once straight into your phone.

As well as having all the inputs of the original, the GO:MIXER PRO also features an XLR input with battery operated phantom power. This means a studio condenser mic is compatible. If you’re a DJ or an artist who performs hip-hop, this could be particularly useful! The PRO also has an updated housing and improved knobs, as well as a nifty smartphone prop up.

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s take a look at how you can use these portable smartphone mixers to take your DJ and music production game up a notch!

Portable and Professional Livestreams

Livestreaming has become a massive part of social media platforms in recent years. For DJ’s and producers, streaming is a great way to broadcast a gig or DJ set and show off your chops to both an online and physical audience. Roland’s GO:MIXER can make streaming from anywhere hassle free. With the stereo inputs you can easily plug in a DJ controller, and still have inputs left for other instruments such as guitar or bass. This is great if you perform with a hybrid setup incorporating DJ/electronic gear with traditional instruments.

Both GO:MIXER have everything you need to get this type of hybrid setup running. It’s worth noting, however, that the new GO:MIXER PRO has an XLR mic input while the original model only has a standard plug-in mic jack.

Recording High Quality Demo Videos

Smartphone cameras are more than capable of capturing high quality, professional video in the right hands. This has allowed producers and DJs all over the world to record and showcase their talents with professional looking videos. Unfortunately, the same can’t always be said for audio. The tinny microphones built into our phones are often the weak link in the chain when it comes to videos recorded on a smartphone.

Roland’s GO:MIXER can be a great remedy to this issue, allowing you to bring the audio quality of your next demo video up to a professional standard. With the variety of inputs available, you won’t have to rely on your phone mic anymore!

When you plug the GO:MIXER into your smartphone, the camera app will automatically switch to the GO:MIXER as the input. This takes the hassle out of syncing the audio with your video that’s usually required. Alternatively, if you want to be able to edit your audio later on, you can record directly into mobile recording software such as GarageBand on your phone.

Roland also has an iOS app called 4XCAMERA available that allows you to create split-screen music videos. You can pick songs from your music library, and can have up to four different performances at once. Taking all of this into consideration, we think the GO:MIXER is a great video companion for your smartphone!

Jamming/Production on the Go

There’s nothing quite like being at home in your studio, with all your favourite gear setup just how you like it. When you’re on the road, however, you don’t often have that luxury. A portable smartphone mixer is perfect in this scenario, allowing you to record high quality demos or even lay down tracks for your next beat on the fly!

It’s also worth noting that the GO:MIXER is class compliant. This means that most devices won’t require you to install a driver to be compatible. So you can start using the GO:MIXER with an Android device, iPhone or Macbook right away with no setup required! For this reason, it’s the perfect audio companion to throw in your backpack for your next tour or trip.

If you want to take the portability to the next level, the GO:MIXER PRO has the nice inclusion of AAA batteries. While you can’t run the PRO solely off the battery, it will use much less of your phone’s charge, allowing you to record for longer than the standard GO:MIXER. Also remember to consider the GO:MIXER PRO if you’re a rapper or track vocals on a regular basis so that you always have XLR and phantom power at your fingertips!

Click here to check out the GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER PRO.

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