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Brand Profile: Aston Microphones

Brand Profile: Aston Microphones

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If you've not heard of Aston microphones yet we're sure you will soon enough. Aston is a British manufacturer of boutique microphones and accessories, who've quickly risen within the ranks of the audio community, garnering high praise from some of the industry's leading names and numerous positive reviews from major publications. Started in 2015, Aston was founded by James Young, who had previously co-created sE microphones with Mitch Caret in 2002. From the start it's obvious that Young wanted to create a microphone that was simultaneously capable of competing with the established high-end models, but also came in at a price-point which made it accessible to the masses. One of the ways he went about this was by involving leading audio producers and engineers in the initial design process and again throughout. Aston had the likes of Chris Porter (George Michael), Rik Simpson (Coldplay) and Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, The Pixies) as part of a panel of experts who would undertake blind listening tests and then contribute feedback in regards to microphone specs and feature sets. Getting invaluable advice from industry insiders set Aston on a path to "deconstructing the perceived wisdom and inventing something really new which radically improves performance" throughout their full range.

Proudly U.K. owned and operated, Aston mics are not just U.K. built, all the components used are sourced locally, even the packaging. Their finishes are free from harsh chemicals, opting for a highly durable solid stainless steel chassis and the Origin and Spirit models feature their clever wave-form spring headstock, which they believe is a superior design to the standard rigid mesh head when it comes to protecting the capsule. All that said, lets take a look at the Aston range and see what their microphone models and accessories offer.


The Origin is Aston's initial release. A professional-quality cardioid condenser microphone, a 1" gold evaporated capsule is teamed with high-end components to give you a highly versatile studio mic designed to deliver transparent and natural recordings. The Origin features the wave-form mesh head, which will distort if given a heavy knock and then return to its normal position. It also contains the mesh-knit pop filter built into the wave-form head, which is great at eliminating most plosive sounds during performance.

Check out the Aston Origin here.


Following the Origin, the Spirit is a switchable pattern mic that again utilises a 1" gold evaporated capsule. A switch on the microphone's body gives you selection between Omni, Cardioid or Figure-of-Eight polar patterns. Designed to deliver a beautifully open sound with sparkling harmonics, the Spirit gives natural and transparent recording and like the Origin features the wave-form mesh head and mesh-knit pop filter construction.

Check out the Aston Spirit here.


The newest mic to the Aston range. The Starlight features a 20 mm cardioid capsule hand-picked by a panel of more than 70 top producers in double blind listening tests. Starlight includes laser targeting, multiple voices (Vintage, Modern & Hybrid), and near perfect linear off-axis response. It is also available as a single microphone or as a matched stereo pair.

Check out the Aston Starlight here.


The Halo reflection filter is a portable acoustic booth. Recognised for its isolation, absorption, mounting hardware and overall performance as a studio tool for achieving portable room control. It's fantastic for home studios or anyone who may need to record outside of a traditional studio space, the Halo has received high praise and awards from multiple independent audio-industry publications (MusicTech, Sound On Sound, Bonedo and more).

Check out the Aston Halo here.


Aston also offer a collection of accessories to compliment their microphone range. The Aston Shield is a great pop-filter, ideal for use in combination with the Origin and Spirit when the situation or performer calls for higher plosive protection. Also available, the Swift shock mount employs a unique suspension system that eliminates the need for rubber bands, with quick release clips and maximum isolation. Rycote also produce high-quality a shock mount specifically for the Aston Spirit and Origin.

Check out the Aston Accessories here.

Overall Aston stand as a very unique brand as they've managed to permeate the professional audio community very quickly with a product that meets high-end pro needs and specifications, yet at a price that's very consumer friendly. To check out the full range of Aston products available at Store DJ click here.

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