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Audio Technica ATH-PRO7X

Audio Technica ATH-PRO7X

Audio Technica ATH-PRO7X Premium Professional DJ Headphones

Japanese manufacturer Audio-Technica have legions of fans, and for good reason. Their products employ clever design, use quality components and invariably offer great value over their long life. Many of you already own Audio Technica headphones, whether they be wireless, noise cancelling, audiophile, or studio headphones such as the immensely popular M50X.

Now there's a new pro DJ headphone in town.

Announced at the NAMM tradeshow in California earlier this year, this is the latest in the ATH-PRO range of DJ headphones, so let's see what sets them apart.

The Pro7X's are a comfortable and truly rugged pair of headphones. You only need to pick them up to find that while a slim and lightweight design, they feel like they'd stand up to even a very badly behaved DJ. The closed-back, on ear design gives great isolation for monitoring in loud environments, without feeling like they've been clamped on your head. They won't leave your ears physically fatigued after long sets, or a day of listening in the office. This writer has been using them for both, and coming from using a another popular DJ headphone for many years, I found it was easy to adapt to these.

Of course it's well and good for your headphones to be tough and comfy, but how do they sound? In short, great. Plenty of range and clarity - the 45mm neodynium (ooh) drivers have a staggering range of 5-40,000 Hz! Overall, they are tuned to a 'DJ profile'; even at higher levels, the bottom-end remains defined and does not break up. Want to hear them at their best? Use them with a headphone pre-amp or with a high-end mixer (or in my case, wear them over a pair of Earasers in the club so you can turn them up and 'feel' the bass).

Prefer a straight or a coiled cable? No worries, these guys come with both (1.2m - 3m coiled and 1.2m straight). The cables lock securely into place but are super-easy/fast to change. They also come with a handy drawstring bag to keep everything tidy while swimming around in your DJ bag.

At the end of the day, DJ headphones are a very personal choice. Audio Technica's Pro-7Xs have lots of ticks in the pro column, so if it's time for a new pair of DJ cans, visit us to hear the Pro7X for yourself. We are stocking these headphones at each of our locations.

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