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What's In A Cable? The Oyaide Difference.

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Hailing from Japan, Oyaide has been manufacturing high-end audio cables and accessories since 1952. Over the years they've amassed an arsenal of knowledge that's fuelled their commitment to creating products built around innovation, precision and genuine quality. Oyaide prides themselves on the "Made in Japan" label and the idea of quality that it conveys. Maintaining this standard is the reason you'll find premium components and materials used in all their products. Many other high-end cable makers quietly use Oyaide components, an acknowledgement of the standard of Japanese craftsmanship and research contained in their products.

Part of what makes Oyaide cables so sought after is the thoughtful design that's been applied. Their NEO d+ cables are specially designed with DJs and producers in mind and feature a flat profile, which alleviates tangling. It's a small but very effective choice, helping to make set up and pack down a little easier. They've also chosen to make them bright colours, as opposed to the standard black, another choice that considers the environment in which they're designed to be used.

d+ RCA series: class B (Left), class A (Centre), class S (Right)

Not only restricted to the world of DJing, Oyaide also manufacture a range of instrument and microphone cables that carry the same level of excellence and innovation. Depending on what gear you’re using, they offer three separate options of cabling with different frequency widths. The idea being each is designed to accentuate characteristics of certain instruments. For instance, their Force ’77 range is suited to bass or guitar players who want more low-end response.

Across all their ranges Oyaide prioritise high grade components and construction. Most of their cables contain high purity oxygen-free copper with gold-plated bronze connectors. In some of their ranges (Class A) you’ll find Oyaide’s proprietary conductor wire, 102SSC (designed to be the finest copper used in audio cables), or even platinum plated connectors.

If you own or are regularly using a high-end audio system or high-end equipment, these levels of quality and design functionality are why you might consider Oyaide cabling. Sometimes we put all our time and money into gear but forget about what’s actually going to be carrying the signal!

For more info on Oyaide check out our video below and click here to view the range.

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