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SPL DeEsser Mk2 Auto Dynamic DeEsser

$1399 inc GST
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    The original – redesigned. The SPL DeEsser is unique – and has been since 1996. The Auto Dynamic DeEsser removes undesired sibilant frequencies in a simple and musical way, cancelling out S-sounds without affecting the natural character or timbre of the voice. The newest generation of the DeEsser Mk2 features the same processing qualities as its predecessor, but comes in a new design and has an even better feel due to the solid aluminium knobs. The DeEsser Mk2 offers two mono DeEssers in one 19″ device.

    The DeEsser uses a unique technology to reduce sibiliance in a mix or on vocal tracks. It automatically detects and hones in on the sibilant frequencies leaving neighbouring frequencies unaffected. These S-sounds are mixed back into the main signal phase-inverted to cancel out the sibilance. The result is a sound-neutral, inconspicuous and extremely effective process. Even at high S-Reduction values the de-essing has an eligible effect on the character and timbre of the voice. The S-Reduction LED display visualises the intensity of the S‑sound reduction between 0 dB and -20 dB in 2 dB steps.

    The Auto switch activates the Auto Dynamic function. This automatically adjusts the threshold if the input level fluctuates due to varying distance to the microphone which leads to fluctuating input levels. With Auto-Threshold engaged, the de-essing intensity remains constant at the value you set with the S-Reduction control. This is a great help not only for inexperienced voice-over artists, but also in live situations.

    The Female switch is used to adapt to the voice characteristics: When the switch is pressed, the Female mode is selected. The automatic S‑sound detection now reacts more intensively to higher-frequency S-sounds. The unpressed switch position selects the Male mode to adapt the S‑sound detection to male voice characteristics. Lower-frequency S-sounds are processed.

    In addition, the mid frequency of the S-sound detection is increased from Male mode to Female mode. For male voices the mid frequency is at about 6 kHz, for female voices at just under 7 kHz. Nevertheless, you should not necessarily choose the Male position for male voices and the Female position for females. Always listen to the pitch and tone of the S-sound and try both positions.

    The On switch, activates or deactivates the respective channel. This allows you to quickly switch between processed and unprocessed signal. To minimise switching noises, switching is performed directly after the balanced inputs and outputs. This relay hard bypass circuitry also provides immediate redirection of inputs to outputs in the event of a power fault on the primary or secondary side of the power supply, or if the device is powered off.

    Traditional DeEssers work with compressors; they can therefore also be found in combination devices with compressors/limiters. In addition to the threshold control, which determines the level at which de-essing starts, you will also find a frequency control, which determines the centre frequency at which S-sounds are to be searched for. The bandwidth of the processing is usually up to two octaves. When an S-sound appears, the entire bandwidth is always compressed, which leads to undesirable side effects such as twanging or lisping.

    • Maximum input and output gain: 21 dBu
    • Input impedance: 21 kΩ
    • Output impedance: 100 Ω
    • Common mode rejection (1 kHz): > 80 dB
    • Frequency range (-3 dB): 10 Hz -100 kHz
    • THD + N (0 dBu, 10 Hz – 22 kHz): -90 dB
    • Crosstalk (1 kHz): -90 dB
    • Noise (A-weighted): -97 dBu
    • Dynamic range: 118 dB
    • Operating voltage for analog audio: 15 V
    • Operating voltage for relays and LEDs: 12 V
    • Mains voltage (selectable): 230 V AC / 50; 115 V AC / 60 Hz
    • Fuse for 230 V: T 200 mA
    • Fuse for 115 V: T 400 mA
    • Power consumption: max. 15 W
    • 482 x 44 x 237 mm
    • Unit weight: 3.3 kg
    • Shipping weight (incl. packaging): 4.45 kg

    For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.

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    $1399 inc GST
    $1399 inc GST
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