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Behringer PMP1000 500-Watt 12- -Channel Powered Mixer

Products - PA / Speakers / Amps - Amplifiers - Behringer PMP1000 500-Watt 12- -Channel Powered Mixer

This is an image for the Behringer PMP1000 500-Watt 12- -Channel Powered Mixer
Behringer PMP1000 500-Watt 12- -Channel Powered Mixer
Price: $519.00 Code: BEH-PMP1000
Status: Available to Order
Estimate Freight:

The Europwer PMP1000 is 500-Watt 12 channel mixer with multi fx processors and FBQ feedback detection system.

If you need superior stereo sound for small club gigs, churches or speeches, but have to keep the outboard gear to a minimum, the 12-channel PMP1000 can deliver. The 500-Watt mixer has built-in mic preamps and an FX processor, as well as enough power to drive both mains and monitors thanks to dual 250-Watt onboard power amps.

Massive Mono or Stunning Stereo

The PMP1000 gives you the choice of 2 x 250-Watt stereo, 2 x 250-Watt dual mono or 500-Watt bridged mono sound. Whether the center of attention happens to be a folk trio, a speech, or a synth-rock band with mind-boggling stereo patches, the PMP1000 can accommodate. This sonic versatility also makes it an excellent choice for churches, where vocals and stereo recordings often share face time.

Classic Control, State-of-the-Art Sound

Leave the mic preamps at home, because the quality of sound that was once only available in the studio is ready to go wherever you do. Six built-in, boutique-caliber mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power make it possible to use either dynamic or condenser mics with the PMP1000.

Built-in Digital Effects Processor

The PMP1000 is also equipped with a 24-bit FX processor, giving you 100 mind-blowing digital effect presets such as delay, chorus and reverb. Apply them to any channel, as well as to the monitors and main output. In case you're pulling double duty as sound engineer and performer, the FX processor features a footswitch jack for remote on/off.

Changing the Channels

The PMP1000 gives you excellent flexibility to accommodate whatever a performance requires. Channels 1-4 are for mics, guitars and other mono instruments. Stereo channels 5-12 are ideal for keyboards. All mono channels have 3-band EQ, switchable Low Cut filter for eliminating unwanted infrasonics, and Clip LEDs to indicate when the input signal is too hot.

The Ins and Outs

Use the CD/TAPE IN RCA inputs to feed in external stereo signals from CD players or tape decks. The VOICE CANCELLER switch eliminates the vocals from pre-recorded music for instant karaoke applications.

CD/TAPE RCA outputs send line-level signals from the mixer to a recording device. Left and right 1/4" output connectors are there in case you need to connect more power amps. Connect your monitor power amps or active monitor speakers to the MONITOR output.

A STANDBY switch mutes all mic channels during breaks, preventing the microphones from picking up noise or interference. You can leave all faders untouched while you play a CD via the CD/TAPE inputs.

We even did our best to include a built-in personal assistant. The FBQ Feedback Detection system automatically shows you which frequencies are causing the feedback. Just touch a FBQ button and watch the red LEDs on the 7-band graphic EQ pinpoint which frequencies to adjust for optimized sound, without the feedback.

Optimized Output

The PMP1000's POWER AMP switch toggles between three operating modes: MAIN, MON and BRIDGE (the power outputs of A and B on the back panel are summed and provided at OUTPUT B). Dual mono mode uses Output A for mono Mains and Output B for monitors. This clever functionality powers both your mains and monitors without the need for any additional power amps.

Small, Simple, Superb

Small, simple events call for a lightweight, easy-to-use powered mixer. BEHRINGER powered mixers are the most efficient, affordable mixers for the job. With so many incredible built-in features, it's easier than ever to lend exceptional sound quality to all kinds of public performances.


  • Ultra-compact 2 x 250-Watt stereo powered mixer (500 Watt bridged mode)
  • Revolutionary amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
  • Ultra-compact design at nearly half the weight of conventional powered mixers means no more lugging around dead weight
  • 12-channel mixer section features 4 mono and 4 stereo channels, 2 additional stereo inputs plus separate tape returns
  • Studio-grade 24-bit stereo FX processor with 100 awesome presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects
  • Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system instantly reveals critical frequencies for easy feedback removal
  • 6 high-quality mic preamps (4 IMP “Invisible” Mic Preamps) with switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Effective, extremely musical 3-band EQ, switchable Low cut filter and Clip LEDs on all mono channels
  • Stereo 7-band graphic EQ allows precise frequency correction of monitor or main outputs
  • Voice Canceller function removes singer’s voice from recordings for Karaoke applications
  • Selectable stereo (main L/R), double mono (main/monitor) or bridged mono amplifier operation mode
  • Standby switch mutes all mic channels during breaks while background music is provided via tape inputs
  • Breathtaking XPQ 3D stereo surround effect for more vitality and enhanced stereo image
  • Adjustable stereo CD/Tape input for connecting external signal sources
  • Multi-functional stereo Preamp outputs for added flexibility
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for maximum flexibility (100 - 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response and low power consumption for energy saving
  • 3 Year Warranty

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