Studio Accessories

  • Acoustic Treatment

    Acoustic Treatment

    Why do I need Acoustic Treatment? Most rooms used for music production haven’t been designed for music from the start. This often means that they do not provide an accurate sound (maybe adding some echo, or effecting frequencies). Read More

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  • Decksavers / Covers

    Decksavers / Covers

    Looking after your gear is a very important job and Store DJ has one of the best cover companies ever created in its arsenal of protection for your favourite piece of gear in Decksavers. Read More

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  • Guitar Pedals / Effects

    Guitar Pedals / Effects

    Guitar Pedals / Effects are designed for used with guitar and bass instruments. The use of pedals is so that a player using both hands can turn the effect on and off with a foot. Some pedals also have a range of motion, allowing for expression. Read More

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  • Guitar Amplifiers

    Guitar Amplifiers

    Guitar Amplifiers (or Amps) take the output from your guitar or bass, and amplify the signal, preparing it to be played through a speaker. Many amps include that speaker, while other units simply have the amp (called a ‘head’) and are then connected to a speaker (called a ‘cabinet’). Read More

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  • Keyboard Pedals / Footswitches

    Keyboard Pedals / Footswitches

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  • Keyboard Amplifiers

    Keyboard Amplifiers

    Keyboard Amplifiers are portable speakers with built in amplifiers designed for use with keyboards (although any instrument with a line-level output could be used) used in a live setting such as busking.Read More

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  • Rack Stands & Cases

    Rack Stands & Cases

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  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

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