In days gone by studio production was based upon hardware units – each have their own task (such as synthesis or compression). Today, great advances in computing technology means that many of these tasks can now be performed on your computer. That’s where Audio Software comes in. Read More

There is a broad range of audio software including DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) such as Ableton Live or Propellerhead’s Reason, Virtual Instruments such as Native Instruments Massive or Arturia’s Minimoog V, Virtual Processing such as effects from Waves or D16, Mastering Software such as Ozone from Izotope and Tools and Utilities such as Propellerhead’s Recycle, Celemony’s Melodyne, or Antares’ Autotune.

Store DJ stocks a wide range of Audio Software, and use a great deal of it ourselves. We understand how great it is to have the ability to produce and sculpt audio from your desktop or laptop computer. Visit us to discuss what audio software can do for your sound.
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  • DAW Software

    DAW Software

    What is a DAW? DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. DAW Software is the hub of your virtual studio (and in most cases is all you need to compose, arrange and mix your music). Read More

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  • Virtual Instruments

    Virtual Instruments

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  • Mastering Software

    Mastering Software

    What is Mastering Software? Mastering is the process of finalising your track – preparing it to go out into the world. You could think of it as framing a painting. Read More

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  • Virtual Processing

    Virtual Processing

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  • Tools & Utilities

    Tools & Utilities

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