Signal Processors

Signal Processors are external units used in the recording of mixing process. Included in this group are Compressors / Limiters and Channel Strips.Read More

Compressors / limiters are used to regulate the gain of a signal. They boost the volume of soft recordings and tame loud ones. Some compressors / limiters are analogue. These units are very popular as they as warmth to the signal, giving it a classic studio sound. Store DJ stocks compressors / limiters from brands including Universal Audio, Behringer, PreSonus and DBX.

Channel Strips are units that combine a number of features. Some of these may include EQ, compression, gating, pre-amplification and valve processing. The idea is that they act in the way a single channel of a large desk would. Channel strips are great for tracking (recording) though, or to use as an external effect and polishing a sound. Store DJ stocks channel strips from brands such as Universal Audio and PreSonus.

At Store DJ we understand Signal Processors. Whether you need a compressor / limiter or a whole channel strip, we know the difference they can make to your recordings and your mix process. We stock a great selection for a range of budgets. Visit us in store to discuss your signal processing needs, or view the range here.
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