Studio Gear

  • Audio Interfaces

    Audio Interfaces

    What is an Audio Interface? An Audio Interfaces is a device that acts as the conduit for between an audio source (such as a microphone or DJ mixer) or destination (such as a pair of speakers or an external recorder) and your computer. Read More

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  • MIDI Controllers & Interfaces

    MIDI Controllers & Interfaces

    MIDI stands Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A MIDI Controller is a device that generates MIDI information in order to control MIDI enabled devices. Read More

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  • Synthesizers


    Around in a variety of forms since the 19th Century, Synthesizers are electronic devices that create sound – maybe imitating an acoustic instrument or creating new timbres from scratch. Read More

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  • iOS Equipment

    iOS Equipment

    The world is getting smaller and faster with every day that goes by and this has lead to the inclusion of a large range of iOS Studio Gear for musicians. Read More

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  • Drum Machines & Samplers

    Drum Machines & Samplers

    Drums are the foundation of electronic music. Drum Machines and Samplers have always been at the core of how this music is written. Drum Machines have a fixed selection of drum sounds that may be synthesised or samples. Read More

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  • Studio Mixers

    Studio Mixers

    Producing music involves mixing together a variety of sources to create your final mix. Studio Mixers allow you to combine inputs from microphones and instruments and adjust their volume and EQ individually so that they work together. Read More

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  • Signal Processors

    Signal Processors

    Signal Processors are external units used in the recording of mixing process. Included in this group are Compressors / Limiters and Channel Strips.Read More

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  • Studio Monitors

    Studio Monitors

    When producing music, you need to be able to hear what you are mixing. Studio Monitors are speakers that are designed so you can clearly hear your mixing when in the studio writing music or practising your sets.Read More

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  • Studio Microphones

    Studio Microphones

    In today’s world of audio technology Studio Microphones comes in many shapes and sizes to be used in different situations to get the best results for the task you are undertaking. Read More

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  • Software


    In days gone by studio production was based upon hardware units – each have their own task (such as synthesis or compression). Today, great advances in computing technology means that many of these tasks can now be performed on your computer. That’s where Audio Software comes in. Read More

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  • Recorders


    Portable Recorders are very useful devices with many applications. From recording and archiving your DJ sets, to recording a band or a speech. These devices are also great for capturing field recordings (anything from a waterfall to a bowl of jaffas) that can be used in your production or as sound effects when DJing. Read More

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  • Studio Accessories

    Studio Accessories

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