Live Sound / PA

Live Sound is the area of our Store that you will find everything you require to perform in front of an audience in a traditional band setup, such as microphones, mixers, speakers and signal processing gear. Read More

The area of Live sound products at Store DJ has grown over recent years to include a much wider variety of products that are proven to give excellent results for musicians, audio engineers, band mixers and roadies!

At Store DJ we understand Live Sound and the equipment that you require to keep your act sounding as good as it can gig after gig. We not only have all the standard components, but all the accessories such as leads, brackets and staging solutions so you can rock out with confidence. If you need any support in selecting your next Live Sound solution, visit us at any of our 4 stores or check out the product categories below.
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  • PA Speakers / Amps

    PA Speakers / Amps

    The acronym PA has stood for a long time. In years gone by, PA stood for a Public Address system and is still widely used today to describe amps, speakers and subwoofers used in public performances.Read More

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  • Signal Processing Devices

    Signal Processing Devices

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  • Microphones


    In today’s world of audio technology a Microphone comes in many shapes and sizes to be used in different situations to get the best results for the task you are undertaking. Read More

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  • Mixers


    Producing music involves mixing together a variety of sources to create your final mix. Live Sound Mixers allow you to combine inputs from microphones and instruments and adjust their volume and EQ individually so that they work together. Many mixers also include digital effects that can be applied to individual channels or the entire mix.Read More

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  • Live Sound / PA  Accessories

    Live Sound / PA Accessories

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