Lights / Lasers

Whenever you see audio in a live environment, lighting is always present. Lighting and Lasers enable you to envelop your audience in the atmosphere you are trying to create for your show, venue, party or club. Read More

Store DJ has one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of Lighting and Lasers in Australia for every form of entertainment venue.

Store DJ stocks a lot more than just products for DJs. Our Lighting section is a great example of this, where we stock a large range of lights for stage, architectural, installation and even retail purposes.

Lasers are one of most popular areas of our Lighting range, offering amazing results at very reasonable rates. Our Lasers start from as low as a few hundred dollars and you can purchase and setup a laser that will offer you a digital solution to your visual needs within a venue. Besides this, lasers are simply the coolest looking lighting effects going around.

We stock a large range of disco lighting, moving heads, atmospheric effects, stage lighting, lasers, stands, trussing and more that will suit any size and occasion so have a look at the categories below or come in to any of our 4 stores to speak to one of our team who can show you through all the options available via our amazing iPad controllers that turn each and everyone of our stores into a lighting showroom at the press of a button!
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  • Disco Lighting Effects

    Disco Lighting Effects

    Designed to give you a spectrum of colour throughout your room, Disco Lighting Effects such as LED effects and UV lighting set the stage for a real party atmosphere. Read More

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  • Moving Heads & Scanners

    Moving Heads & Scanners

    Moving Heads and Scanners are one of the top club, DJ and stage lighting effects that are completely operator controllable via communication methods such as DMX. Read More

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  • Strobes / UV Blacklights

    Strobes / UV Blacklights

    A Strobe is a flashing lighting effect that will turn on and off at the press of a button causing an intense and effective lighting effect for clubs, parties and dance floors in general. Read More

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  • Lasers


    The term Laser originated as an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". Lasers are one of most popular areas of our Lighting range, offering amazing and very futuristic environments. Read More

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  • Waterproof Outdoor Wash Lights

    Waterproof Outdoor Wash Lights

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  • Stage Washlights & Pars

    Stage Washlights & Pars

    Stage Wash and Follow Spots are commonly used in Theatre situations or presentations where an entire area or person needs to lit up as a focus for the audience to view. Read More

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  • LED Curtains

    LED Curtains

    LED Curtains are designed to add a feature lighting attraction to your console setup. A key focus of a mobile musician is the ability to setup a console anywhere that can look like a professional setup. LED Curtains turn any backdrop or console into a lightshow that can be controlled to work in sync with the music you are performing. Read More

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  • Mirror Balls & Pinspots

    Mirror Balls & Pinspots

    Mirror Balls are possibly the most widely used lighting effect in the world, due to what they can achieve. Read More

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  • Lighting Accessories

    Lighting Accessories

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  • Lighting Controllers

    Lighting Controllers

    A lighting rig in today’s market can easily be controlled manually via a Lighting Controller. They do this by using the right DMX Controller, USB to DMX converter or Wireless and LAN controllers. Read More

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  • Atmospheric Effects

    Atmospheric Effects

    Atmospheric Effects, such as Bubble Machines, Smoke Machines and Haze Machines are setup to highlight the lighting effects you install to any location. Read More

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  • Stands / Truss / Clamps

    Stands / Truss / Clamps

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  • Lighting Solutions

    Lighting Solutions

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