Turntables & Cartridges

Why do people DJ with Turntables?

Between the 1970’s and 2000, DJing was almost exclusively done with Turntables and vinyl. Read More

These days there are many more options, but some people still prefer using a turntable. Vinyl purists enjoy the chase and exclusivity (as well as the sound) that comes with the territory, others simply like the way ‘wheels of steel’ respond and react to touch (especially those who scratch!). It is a truly manual form of DJing as you need to hold the record and start it in time and also beatmatch the two vinyl records together so they are in sync.

The most famous DJ turntable is the Technics SL-1200. Technics produced the SL-1200 for a staggering 38 years before retiring it in 2010. These days there are still a number of turntable options available from brands including Numark, Reloop, Vestax and Audio Technica. These cater to the classic technique of DJing. Some add new functions such as USB connections and digital pitch control that bring them more in line with current DJ gear.

There are many extra parts to a Turntable that are required to make it work, such as a cartridge, slipmat, stylus, weights, cleaning fluids and more and in this section of the Store DJ site, you will find everything you ever needed to make your turntable console a thing of beauty!

At Store DJ, we understand why people love vinyl and Turntables. Our business started as an online Vinyl record store, so it has always been close to our hearts! We stock a variety of turntables, as well as all the accessories you need to start mixing vinyl at home or in the clubs, so visit us today and have a talk to any of our staff about your vinyl wants.
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  • Turntables


    Between the 1970’s and 2000, DJing was almost exclusively done with Turntables and vinyl. Read More

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  • Cartridges


    Cartridges are the assembly at the end of the tone-arm that houses the stylus (or needle). Along with the stylus itself, the sound of a cartridge (as well as how it ‘tracks’ on a record) will vary from brand-to-brand. Read More

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  • Stylus


    A Stylus is a record needle that you find at the end of a Turntable cartridge. Every cartridge requires a particular stylus that works with your cartridge connection. Read More

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  • Slipmats


    Slipmats are one of the oldest DJ accessories on the planet. Slipmats are what sit in-between turntables and records, giving DJs a slippery surface so they can stop, scratch and cue tracks more easily. Read More

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  • Phono Preamps

    Phono Preamps

    Phono Preamps are designed to amplify the output of a turntable so that the signal is loud enough when plugged into a line input. Read More

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  • Scratch Records

    Scratch Records

    Made popular in the 1990’s, Scratch Records are vinyl that have various tones, beats and samples recorded on them for turntablists to scratch and perform tricks with. Read More

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  • Vinyl Bags / Cases

    Vinyl Bags / Cases

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  • Vinyl Care Accessories

    Vinyl Care Accessories

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  • Turntable Cases / Coffins

    Turntable Cases / Coffins

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