DJ Equipment

The DJ Equipment market has grown dramatically in the past decade. Gone are the days of decades ago where if you wanted a DJ product then you would simply go out and buy yourself a set of Technics SL1200 turntables! Read More

In today’s DJ market, there is an incredible amount of choice available depending on what you want to achieve and how much you want to spend.

Store DJ is Australia’s leading DJ Equipment specialists, providing tens of thousands of customers what they want to perform at their gigs or at home in their lounge rooms.

We stock the biggest names in DJ equipment such as Pioneer, Xone, Native Instruments, Serato, Behringer, Numark, Sennheiser, Shure, Denon, Audio Technica and Stanton, just to name a few! As the game is continually changing in the DJ Equipment market, we have a team of specialists always on the look out for the latest piece of gear that they feel will appeal to you, our customers, so you can be sure if its cool and available, you will find it in the DJ Equipment section at Store DJ.

As our name suggests, we understand this market and have grown to be Australia’s premier choice for DJs and musicians alike, so if you need a piece of equipment or need to have a chat about what choices you have to perform a task, then come in and have a chat to any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will help guide you through all your options.
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  • DJ Controllers

    DJ Controllers

    DJ Controllers are the latest and greatest way for DJs to perform. They are built to replicate the traditional DJ hardware of Turntables and CDJs in a more compact and feature rich solution that makes it easier to transport and perform in an all new world of Digital DJing. Read More

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  • CD, MP3 & Media Players

    CD, MP3 & Media Players

    CD / MP3 / Media Players are the most widely used form of DJ equipment in professional entertainment venues around the world. Unlike your home CD / MP3 / Media Players, professional DJ CD / MP3 / Media Players have a range of functions to help you interact with your music, such as sync options, pitch control, turntable styled jog dials, looping controls, MIDI (for control of DJ software) and effects. Read More

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  • DJ Mixers

    DJ Mixers

    DJ Mixers are possibly the most important tool in your DJ console. The mixer is the unit that sits in-between all your DJ instruments, such as turntables, CDJs and Digital controllers. Read More

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  • Turntables & Cartridges

    Turntables & Cartridges

    Why do people DJ with Turntables?

    Between the 1970’s and 2000, DJing was almost exclusively done with Turntables and vinyl. Read More

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  • Groove Production

    Groove Production

    Sometimes you want to stand out from the pack as a DJ. A great way to do this is to create your own beats and grooves, either in the studio or live as part of your set. Groove Production machines are perfect for this. Read More

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  • iOS DJ Gear

    iOS DJ Gear

    The world is getting smaller and faster with every day that goes by and this has lead to the inclusion of a large range of iOS products for musicians and DJs. Read More

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  • DJ Monitors

    DJ Monitors

    In order to DJ, you need to be able to hear what you are mixing. DJ Monitors are speakers that are designed so you can clearly hear your mixing when in the studio writing music or practising your sets. Read More

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  • DVS & Timecode

    DVS & Timecode

    What is a DVS?

    A Digital Vinyl System or DVS allow users to manipulate DJ software with special vinyl records. Read More

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  • DJ Effects Units

    DJ Effects Units

    In today’s DJ market, making your tracks and audio sound different from the next DJ is as easy as adding your own combination and blend of effects with the use of Effects Units.

    So, What is an Effect and what do Effect Units do? Read More

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  • DJ Soundcards

    DJ Soundcards

    DJ Soundcards are a form of portable audio interface used to connect your laptop to an external mixer or PA system. Read More

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  • DJ Cases & Bags

    DJ Cases & Bags

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  • DJ Accessories

    DJ Accessories

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