• Ableton


    In late 2001, Ableton released ‘Live’, which was an idea formed by founders Gerhard Behles (CEO) and Berd Roggendorf (CTO). The idea grew from their personal vision of a computer-based music-making solution; and what a vision it was. Today, Ableton has released a multitude of updates (now in Version 9) and also includes a beautifully crafted hardware system in Ableton Push 2, enabling artists to seamlessly take their ideas from beginning to end without being distracted by computer screens. Read More

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  • Access


    Access Music is a privately held manufacturer of musical instruments from Germany, founded in 1997. The Access mission is to allow hardware editors to access the sound parameters buried in menu driven synthesisers but soon found out that building their own synthesiser would be much more fun. Read More

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  • Adam


    Adam Audio is another brand that we love here at Store DJ. Founded in Berlin in 1999 by a physicist called Klaus Heinz, Adam has since been creating, developing, manufacturing and distributing monitors for use in Professional Audio. Read More

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    AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to creating high quality audio products for audio professionals looking for the perfect sound, look and feel. With a focus on great design, their modern, minimalist headphones such as the TMA-1 deliver clear, amplified sound that has taken AIAIAI to the forefront of DJs must-have lists. Read More

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  • Akai


    Akai Pro entered the electronic music industry in 1984 with one purpose - to give artists the tools they need to express and explore new musical possibilities. The MPC sampler quickly became one of the most popular recording and performance instruments for digital performers due to its amazing MPC pads, quantisation options and ease of use. Read More

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  • AKG


    In the world of pro audio, AKG microphones and headphones have been synonymous with excellence since its birth in the late 1940’s. Read More

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  • Alesis


    Established in 1980, Alesis was founded on innovative semi-conductor chip technology and award winning industrial designs that allowed entry level musicians and recording artists to afford professional studio recording products that were never affordable before. Read More

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  • Allen & Heath

    Allen & Heath

    In the early 70s, Allen & Heath were hand-building consoles in a small factory in London for elite bands like Pink Floyd and The Who. These days Allen & Heath customers are spread across almost every environment imaginable, including touring, theatres, houses of worship, nightclubs, TV and radio stations, recording studios and countless other places where great sound matters. Read More

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  • Alto Pro Audio

    Alto Pro Audio

    Alto Professional is an American PA company founded in 2000 by a passionate team of audio engineers striving to produce products that delivered superior performance at affordable price points for use in live performance settings.  Read More

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  • American DJ

    American DJ

    Starting in 1985 as a supplier of lighting products to mobile entertainers, as part of the Los Angeles based ADJ Group, American DJ provides lighting products for nightclubs, discos, mobile entertainers, bands, concert tours, theatre productions, architectural applications and more. Read More

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  • Antari


    A specialist in smoke, fog and haze machines, Antari have been in production since 1984. Known as an industry leader, Antari invest heavily in R&D in order to produce units that are reliable, efficient and easy to use. Read More

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  • Aphex
  • Apogee


    Regarded as a company that creates unparalleled experience for their users, Apogee has been creating and innovating old paradigms with new solutions that advance audio recording and elevate creativity since their birth in 1985. Read More

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  • Arriba Cases

    Arriba Cases

    We all invest a lot of money into the lighting equipment we purchase for our work and entertainment. Protecting it in-between use or while on the road is vital to ensure a long and trouble-free life and that’s where Arriba Cases come in. Read More

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  • ARTcessories


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  • Arturia


    Founded in Grenoble (France) in 1999, ARTURIA specialises in the development of music software and hardware for both the professional and amateur musicians. Focusing on innovation, the company strives to integrate the latest advances in computer music research and technology into their products. Read More

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  • Aston Microphones

    Aston Microphones

    Without microphones, there is no recorded sound and anyone that wants to record needs an Aston microphone! Coming to the market for the first time in 2015, Aston Microphones is a company founded on a few simple words - anti-conformist, accessible and essential. Read More

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  • Audient


    Founded in 1997, Audient is an English audio company renowned for creating high quality, affordable products that work intuitively and seamlessly with their users around the globe. Read More

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  • Audio Innovate

    Audio Innovate

    Audio Innovate (or AI as they are known in the industry) was founded in 2005 by Elliot Marx, an audio electronics and DSP engineer with 11 years experience in designing mixers and CD players for the DJ industry. Read More

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  • Audio Technica

    Audio Technica

    Established in 1962, Audio-Technica is a worldwide group of companies devoted to the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of problem-solving audio equipment. Initially known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges, A-T now creates high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems and electronic products for professional use. Read More

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  • Audiofly


    Based in Australia, Audiofly design and build headphones. They’ve crafted tone for years and their obsession as musicians guides the development of their products. Read More

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  • Auralex


    Auralex Acoustics was founded back in 1977 because the acoustic treatment products available at that time were way too expensive and had important disadvantages. In fact, they were so expensive that even the big-budget broadcast and recording facilities said they couldn't afford them! Read More

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  • Avid


    Famously known in the audio world for innovations such as Pro Tools and consumer based audio solutions, Avid is a company close to the heart of Store DJ. Read More

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  • Behringer


    Founded by Uli Behringer in 1992 Behringer has evolved into one of the biggest Pro Audio and Musical Instrument companies in the world, and is also part of the MUSIC Group which includes premium Pro-Audio brands Klark-Teknik and Midas. Read More

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  • Beyerdynamic


    Since the Eugen Beyer electrical engineering factory was founded in 1924, beyerdynamic has been synonymous with German-made applied high technology in the professional audio electronics sector. Read More

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  • Bitwig


    Bitwig is an international music software company based in Berlin. The company was founded in 2009 by a team of music enthusiasts with extensive experience in the music technology industry and a strong vision about new cutting-edge methods of music production, live performance and collaboration. Read More

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  • Boss


    Known around the world as the company that put the “stomp” in “stompbox,” BOSS is the division of Roland Corporation most easily recognized for its legendary line of colorful guitar and bass effects pedals. Read More

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  • CR Laser

    CR Laser

    Established in 2003, CR Laser is a Chinese company specialising in the research and manufacture of professional laser performance systems and intelligent lights. Read More

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  • CR Lite

    CR Lite

    CR-Lite is a professional installation and party lighting brand, born from CR-Lasers - one of the world’s most iconic, popular and reliable lighting laser companies that we stock here at Store DJ. Read More

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  • Crane


    The story of The Crane Stand began on a bar napkin in the SoDo district of Seattle, when in March of 2007 Garett Fitzpatrick and Rob Noble were chatting over a beer about the lack of quality adjustable laptop stands on the market. Read More

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  • Cymatic Audio

    Cymatic Audio

    When you sit down in your studio ready to create, edit and finalise your music, the last thing you need is an issue with your audio interface. Cymatic Audio is a brand that takes this statement very seriously, creating a range of audio interfaces that simplifies the entire back-end process of setup, monitoring and recording. Read More

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  • Dave Smith Instruments

    Dave Smith Instruments

    Dave Smith founded Sequential Circuits, the premier manufacturer of professional music synthesisers, in the mid-70s. In 1977, he designed the Prophet-5, the world's first microprocessor-based musical instrument. Read More

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  • DAP Audio

    DAP Audio

    DAP Audio is a professional audio brand from Dutch company Highlite. DAP Audio brings together a perfect balance between quality and affordability, utilising their skills to create an enormous catalogue with professional quality audio products including mixers, amplifiers, speaker systems, studio processing tools, cables, connectors, flightless and other performance and studio related equipment. Read More

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  • DBX


    dbx was created in America by David E Blackmer back in 1971. They have a long history in creating audio hardware solutions and their early products were based on the concept of using decibel expansion, which is how their name was created. Read More

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  • Decksaver


    The Decksaver mission is to produce products of superiority, that serve a function and ultimately give you piece of mind. Clubs, bars and DJs the world over rely on their products to protect their equipment investments. Read More

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  • Denon


    Denon DJ is the DJ division of global electronics leader Denon. Originally established in 1910 as a part of Nippon Chikuonki Shokai (Japan Recorders Corporation), Denon was then a manufacturer of single-sided disc records and gramophones. Read More

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  • DiGiGrid


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  • Earasers


    Earplugs have never had a good reputation… until now! Erasers are the result of more than 48 years of research and development by parent company, Persona Medical. Read More

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  • Elektron


    Swedish company Elektron Music Machines was founded in 1998 to support the release of the Sidstation, a music synthesizer based on the sound chip of the Commodore 64 home computer. Read More

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  • Etymotic Research

    Etymotic Research

    Located in Elk Rove Village, Illinois, Etymotic Research, Inc. is an engineering-driven research, development and manufacturing company. The name "Etymotic" (pronounced "et-im-oh-tik.") means "true to the ear”, which is a somewhat perfect name for a company that sells amazing high-fidelity earplugs for musicians, DJs and producers. Read More

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  • EVE Audio

    EVE Audio

    From small desktop two-way speakers to larger three-way models, Eve utilise a long history in design to produce unique products that have been designed from the ground up for clarity and precision. Read More

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  • Event Lighting

    Event Lighting

    Event Lighting is an Australian business that understands the needs and wants of lighting designers and users across the country. As a wholesale distributor, Event has its own brand of professional LED & Laser lighting products that have been designed and manufactured to live up to daily use on stage or for use in productions, events, nightclubs, parties, theatres and houses of worship. Read More

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  • Fluid Audio

    Fluid Audio

    Fluid Audio is one mans life dream professionally started more than 25 years ago when Kevin Zuccaro started working at his first job as a loudspeaker engineer for JBL in 1990. Now, more than 25 years later, Fluid Audio is known throughout the industry as the creators of high quality studio monitors such as the FX8 from the Fader Series and revolutionary CBT Bluetooth Studio Monitors . Read More

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  • Focusrite


    Focusrite has been around since 1985 and in this time have been founded on a few simple principles.These are to create products that sounded more musical and to do this in addition to measuring well. Read More

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  • Furman
  • Gator


    Gator Cases was founded in 2000 by father-daughter team Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris in Tampa, Florida. They launched an initial small offering of moulded plastic guitar cases at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tennessee. Read More

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  • Hercules


    Hercules Stands, as the name suggests, is committed to building tough and strong instrument stands. Hercules firmly believes that today’s musicians deserve better stands to support their demanding performances. Read More

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  • Hercules DJ

    Hercules DJ

    French company Hercules DJ produce a range of controllers for the digital DJ. These small-format controllers offer robust construction and a wide ranges of features. They can be used with a variety of software and offer a complete solution for DJ’s on the go. Read More

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  • HK Audio

    HK Audio

    Over the course of the past twenty years, the name HK AUDIO has become synonymous in Europe with live sound reinforcement systems and speaker systems of the highest quality. Read More

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  • Hosa


    Hosa Technology, Inc. is a leading supplier of analogue and digital connectivity solutions to the musical instrument, broadcast, theatre, and professional audio/video industries. Hosa’s elite cable products are manufactured from the best materials that today’s professional demands. Read More

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  • Icon


    ICON is a brand built to be the ultimate support for musicians across the globe. They create an extensive mix of instruments and devices for recording, mixing, and performing that are easy to use, easy on the wallet but packed full of the latest technologies to ensure that every user has the tools they need to create and perform. Read More

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  • iConnectivity


    iConnectivity develop hardware for musicians wishing to integrate mobile devices and computers into their workflow. Their mission is to create devices that reduce complexity and cost for everyone with a passion for creating, recording, exploring or supporting music. Read More

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  • IK Multimedia

    IK Multimedia

    IK Multimedia began in a small town in northern Italy. Not just any small town, but a town rich in heritage — a heritage of innovation. They are from a town known as the sports car capital of the world, exquisite cuisine, the birthplace of Balsamic Vinegar and the birthplace of one of the most innovative companies in the music industry - the town of Modena, Italy. Read More

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  • Infinity Intelligent Lighting

    Infinity Intelligent Lighting

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  • IsoAcoustics


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  • Izotope


    iZotope makes innovative software effects and instruments company that inspires and enables people to be creative when in the mix. Read More

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  • Jamhub
  • JBL


    James Bullough Lansing was born James Martini, 14 January 1902, in Macoupin County, Millwood Township, Illinois. As a young lad he was very interested in all things electrical and mechanical. Read More

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  • Keith McMillien

    Keith McMillien

    Keith McMillen Instruments develops innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways. Read More

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  • Konig Meyer

    Konig Meyer

    Konig & Meyer was established in 1949 (with a staff of ten making music stands and measuring equipment).Read More

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  • Korg


    Korg is recognised as one of the most innovative manufacturers of electronic musical instruments and accessories in the world. With its headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan, Korg maintains a network of distributors operating in countries around the world. Read More

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  • KRK


    What do you need from a studio monitor? This is the question that KRK always start with. The usual terms get thrown around like accuracy, reliability, precision, and many more marketing buzzwords. Read More

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  • Le Maitre

    Le Maitre

    Le Maitre has been designing and manufacturing stage pyrotechnics and smoke and haze machines since 1976. Read More

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  • Lexicon


    Founded in 1971, American company Lexicon first became famous for its high-quality studio effects. Read More

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  • Liteconsole


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  • Litecraft


    Litecraft is a brightly lit lighting brand, offering a comprehensive range of affordable lighting products for installation, studio & live events. Based right here in Australia, Litecraft understands the Store DJ customers and their lighting needs, creating high-quality and affordable solutions for venues, mobile artists, events and more. Read More

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  • M-Audio


    M-Audio is one of the most revered names in computer interface and studio integration solutions, keyboard and controller products, and all manner of essential musical hardware from microphones to studio monitors. Read More

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  • Mackie


    Mackie Designs, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Greg Mackie, an ex-Boeing worker who began making pro audio gear and guitar amps in his spare time. Read More

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  • Martin


    Martin’s legendary beginnings commenced with experiments using dry ice in a coffee machine and presto - fog! 1987 Martin was founded, primarily as a producer of disco lights and fog machines. Read More

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  • Mayflower Electronics

    Mayflower Electronics

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  • Mogami


    There's a reason why Mogami is called "The Cable of the Pros." Virtually every major recording facility is wired with Mogami. Read More

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  • Mono Cases

    Mono Cases

    MONO was founded by Daniel Kushner in the spring of 2006, on the ferry boat between Sausalito and San Francisco, to be exact. Read More

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  • Moog


    The Moog company pioneered the commercial manufacture of modular analogue synthesiser systems. Company founder Dr. Robert Arthur Moog had begun manufacturing and selling vacuum-tube theremins in kit form while he was a student in the early 1950s and marketed his first theremin kits in 1961. Read More

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  • MOTU


    Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MOTU is a leading developer of computer-based audio and video production hardware and software. Previously known as Mark Of The Unicorn, MOTU was founded in 1980 and has been developing audio, video and music technology products since 1984. Read More

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  • Native Instruments

    Native Instruments

    Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. With its foundation in 1996, Native Instruments opened up the fascinating world of real-time sound synthesis on standard computers. NI are at the center of the digital music revolution that is enabling more and more people to mix and create music in a whole new way. Read More

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  • Nektar Technology

    Nektar Technology

    Controller keyboards are an incredibly vital tool in the modern day studio and in 2009, Nektar hit the market with a mission to bridge the gap between powerful music software and controller hardware. They are controllers that give you everything you need to take control of your DAW, but are simple enough to run on the most modest computers, requiring only basic USB connection. Read More

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  • Novation


    From humble beginnings in 1992, Novation has become one of the most highly regarded Hi-Tech Audio companies in the world thanks to their focus on innovation. Read More

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  • Nord


    If you are into music, chances are you have heard of Nord. Who could ever forget the trademark Red chassis, surrounding a range of synths that for the last 30 years have created some of the greatest sounds and songs of our time. Read More

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  • Numark


    Numark is obsessed with designing equipment that meets the individual need of every DJ. That's why the sound of Numark has been present in scratches, breaks, and beats for more than 30 years. Read More

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  • Odyssey


    When it comes to road cases, Odyssey does it all, creating world-class safety transport cases for DJs, producers and every other sector of the audio industry. Odyssey also creates a range laptop and DJ stands. Read More

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  • Ortofon


    On the 9th of October 1918, the two Danish engineers, Axel Petersen (1887-1971) and Arnold Poulsen (1889-1952) founded the Electrical Phono Film Company. Read More

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  • Oyaide


    If you are trying to create the perfect sound, then you need the perfect cables. Oyaide created the range of cables called NEO to represent the absolute best quality audio, using materials and methods never seen before in the audio industry. Read More

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  • Pioneer


    Pioneer first entered the DJ market in April 1996 with the DJM-500 mixer which quickly became a favourite with DJ’s and Nightclubs. Now, the new range of NXS2 - CDJ2000NXS2 and DJM900NXS2 are the chosen tools for DJs across the globe. In 2015, Store DJ was awarded the 'Dealer of the Year' from  Pioneer Australia, as we proudly service and support the DJs of Australia to find the right Pioneer gear for every need. Read More

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  • Pittsburgh Modular

    Pittsburgh Modular

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  • PreSonus


    Jim Odom, musician, producer, and LSU graduate in Electrical Engineering founded PreSonus in 1995 with the goal of building professional and affordable music production tools for musicians and audio engineers. Read More

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  • Propellerheads


    Formed in 1994, Propellerhead Software is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Renowned for its musician-centric approach, Propellerhead has created some of the world's most innovative music software applications, interfaces and technology standards. Read More

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  • QSC


    The story of QSC Audio is one of professional audio's most inspiring tales. From its humble beginnings crafting handmade guitar amps from a one-room shop in Orange County, California, QSC has grown to become the industry's undisputed leader in power amps, loudspeakers, and complete networked audio solutions. Read More

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  • Rane


    Although you will seldom find it published, a manufacturer's philosophy is indeed built into every product. Rane believe that true quality is in the details. Read More

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  • RCF


    RCF was founded in 1949 in Reggio Emilia, an Italian city with a reputation for engineering and innovation as rich as its cultural heritage. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in the design, production and marketing of high-technology Professional and Commercial Audio products. Read More

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  • RME


    RME is a young German team of developers with a robust vision of creating innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions for less money. Founded in 1996, RME quickly earned their stripes as a premiere industry provider, expanding rapidly into mainstream international markets. Read More

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  • Road Ready

    Road Ready

    Road Ready do one thing and we do it well. They don't waste time making cases that don't last. These bad boys are built for the rigours of the road. Read More

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  • Rode


    RØDE Microphones is a wholly Australian company - 100% Australian owned, with all product design and the vast majority of our manufacturing right here just 20 minutes west of Sydney's CBD. Read More

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  • Roland


    Roland Corporation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software. Roland was founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan in 1972. Today Roland is one of the biggest, and best-known names in audio. Read More

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  • Roli
  • Rycote


    Rycote make microphone mounts and windshields. These tools are designed for capturing audio whilst preventing wind and handling noise, but preserving the microphone’s natural frequency response. All Rycote products are designed and produced in the UK. Read More

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  • Samson


    Samson Technologies began in 1980 designing wireless microphone systems. Today, they are an industry leader in both consumer and professional audio with three notable brands: Samson Audio, Samson Wireless and Hartke. Read More

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  • SE


    sE Electronics was founded in March 2000 by Siwei Zou, a very talented classical musician from Shanghai, who won a top position at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and went on to become a hugely successful conductor and composer. Read More

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  • Sennheiser


    For more than 65 years, the Sennheiser name has stood for top-quality products, true sound and tailor-made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. Sennheiser believe that music is to be heard, and felt. Read More

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  • Serato


    Serato Audio Research is an Auckland, New Zealand based software developer, specialising in audio production and digital dj tools. It was founded in 1998 by Stephen West and AJ Bertenshaw who developed a timestretching and pitch-shifting Pro Tools plugin, Pitch 'N Time. Read More

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  • Showtec


    Developed by parent company Highlite - Showtec is a massive European lighting supplier with an extensive range of lighting products that grows and transforms to changing trends on a continual basis. Highlite is dedicated to supplying as many people everywhere world class products at an affordable price. Read More

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  • Shure


    Shure was founded by Sidney N. Shure in 1925 as "The Shure Radio Company", selling radio parts kits in the days before complete manufactured radios were available. The company's office was located in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The following year, Shure published its first direct mail catalogue, which was one of only six radio parts catalogues in the United States at the time. Read More

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  • SM Pro Audio

    SM Pro Audio

    First and foremost the team at SM Pro are musicians, engineers, and hands-on users of professional audio equipment. If they need it, they make it. Over the last decade, Australian-based SM Pro has grown from two passionate musician friends into a global audio business. Read More

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  • Soundcraft


    Founded in 1973, Soundcraft first made its mark with the launch of the Series 1, the first mixing console in a flightcase. Read More

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  • Stanton


    Founded in 1946 by Walter Stanton, the inventor of an easily replaceable phonograph stylus, which helped create a consumer market for audio equipment, Stanton Magnetics was one of the first American companies to make and sell magnetic cartridges. Read More

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  • Steinberg


    Steinberg has been providing award-winning, technologically advanced music and media production products for musicians and producers of music, video and film since 1984. Read More

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  • Studio Logic

    Studio Logic

    With a passion for original instrumentation and design that created folklore instruments such as the accordion, Studio Logic is a company that has created stunning sounding and performing keyboard controllers with FATAR hammer action technology for professional keyboard players. Read More

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  • Tascam


    Tascam has been a world-leading professional audio company for more than 3 decades, offering high quality products to every segment of the sound and music industry. In the 1970’s Tascam captured the market with its incredible home studio products, before moving into the professional market where their research, development and commitment to their product range catapulted them to the top of the market. Read More

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  • Technics


    Creators of the most iconic turntable in DJ history the SL-1200 MK2, Technics is a brand owned by Panasonic. First produced in 1976, the SL-1200MK2 changed the face of turntables and their use. Read More

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  • Teenage Engineering

    Teenage Engineering

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  • Thud Rumble

    Thud Rumble

    Created by world class turntablists, Ritche Desuasido & Richard Quitevis AKA ‘Yogafrog’ and ‘DJ Qbert’, Thud Rumble is a brand that has innovated at every turn of its life. Committed to showcasing and expanding the tools available to scratch artists, Thud Rumble has created a host of products on their own and with various DJ brands. Read More

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  • Toontrack


    Sometimes things happen that exceed your wildest expectations. As in the case of Toontrack. What began as an experiment ended up as “Drumkit From Hell” – a collection of drum sounds that would come to change the face of the industry. “We just wanted great sounding drums for our own songwriting. We had no aspirations of even selling it in the first place”, says Mattias Eklund, Toontrack’s co-founder. Read More

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  • UDG


    In early 2000, using all their experience in the electronic music scene, and talking with the World's top DJ's UDG began development of the ultimate alternative record bag - the UDG SoftBag®. UDG stands for superb quality, innovation, comfort, style and durability. Read More

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  • Ultimate Support

    Ultimate Support

    With a history spanning more than 30 years, Ultimate Support is a brand dedicated to supporting audio professionals with high quality speaker stands, rack stands, monitor stands and much more. In 1977, the company founder of Ultimate Support, Darrell Schoenig was enjoying life as a musician and inventor when he decided it was time to create an alternative to the horrible, unusable and ugly stands for musicians. Read More

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  • Universal Audio

    Universal Audio

    Founded in 1958 by M.T. "Bill" Putnam Sr, the Universal Audio name and company have been synonymous with innovative recording products for more than 50 years.Read More

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  • V-Moda
  • Waldorf


    For almost 20 years, the name Waldorf has been a synonym for high-quality synthesizers made in Germany. The company has established its position on the market for electronic musical instruments with forward-thinking designs and advanced craftsmanship. Waldorf brand synths can be found in professional and semi-professional studios worldwide. Many famous musicians and producers count on their unequalled sound aesthetics. Read More

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  • Wave


    Whether you own a home or a high end commercial audio studio, treating the sound in your recording space is vital to ensure you capture, monitor and mix your tracks perfectly every time and that is where Wave Panels comes in. Wave Panels is an Australian company that produces world leading audio treatment products that are simple, effective and affordable. Read More

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  • Waves


    Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets. Heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games worldwide, Waves’ cutting-edge software plugins and hardware processors are used in every aspect of audio production, from tracking to mixing to mastering, broadcast, live sound, and more. Read More

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  • Xone


    Xone is Allen & Heath’s range of DJ products including mixers, patchbays, headphones and controllers. Allen & Heath was in the vanguard of the first wave of great British mixer companies, starting life at the heart of London’s swinging music scene in 1969. Read More

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  • Yamaha


    Yamaha products are well known and loved around the world with millions of users who rely on them on a daily basis. Store DJ is proud to be selling a large range of gear from Yamaha such as mixers, powered mixers, synthesisers, studio monitors, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, keyboards and recorders. Read More

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  • Zoom


    Known world-wide as the goto brand for field recorders and other portable audio processors, Zoom is a brand that Store DJ understands, loves, respects and utilises on a daily basis! Zoom produces a wide array of recording devices, including a line of portable “handy” recorders as well as multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines and samplers. Read More

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