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Microphone Preamps

Boost and colour your microphone signal

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About Microphone Preamps

Microphone Preamps

Microphone Preamps (or Preamplifiers) exist to boost the level of a microphone, preparing it for it's destination (such as a mixing desk or audio interface). These units are often used, not just in a utility function, but also because of the charcter the impart on the microphone's signal.

Some Microphone Preamps use vintage technology such as valves or transformers give the signal a particular tone. Some also add other functions such as compression or AD (analogue to digital) conversion. Microphone Preamps with digital outputs can also be a great way to expand the functionality of an existing audio interface.

Producers use Microphone Preamps for a range of purposes, and at Store DJ we have a unit for every need, including options from Universal Audio, Focusrite, RME and Aphex. View our selection below, or visit us in store to find out more.

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Focusrite ISA One Classic Mic Preamp
Our Price
$989 Accepting Orders
Warm Audio WA12 MKII Discrete Mic Pre
Our Price
$759 Ships in 7 Days
Warm Audio TB12 "Tone Beast" Tone Shaping Mic Pre
Our Price
$989 Accepting Orders
ART Pro Audio Pro MPA II Two Channel Mic Preamp
Our Price
$739 Ships in 7 Days
Warm Audio WA412 4-Channel Mic Pre
Our Price
$2255 Ships in 7 Days
PreSonus BlueTube DP V2 2-ch Dual-Path Preamp
Our Price
$449 Ships in 7 Days
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