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DVS & Timecode

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About DVS & Timecode

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DVS & Timecode

What is a DVS?

A Digital Vinyl System or DVS allow users to manipulate DJ software with special vinyl records.

These records are encoded with ‘Timecode’, allowing the user to play audio files from their computer, manipulating the playback as if it were coming from a vinyl record. DVS users can perform turntable tricks (such as scratching and beat-juggling) that originated with Vinyl and can only be replicated in other digital mediums.

Today’s DVS packages (such as Serato and Traktor) provide much greater functionality than the early systems – everything from mixing and looping multiple decks, to EQs and effects, as well as library management and sharing systems.

The first publicly available DVS system was Final Scratch, which hit the shelves back in 2001 and was powered by Traktor DJ software. There are currently two main camps in the world of DVS: Native Instruments Traktor, and Serato DJ (from Serato Audio Research).

After the initial release of Final Scratch, Stanton and Native Instruments began working on developing the DJ software side of the DVS product, creating Traktor Final Scratch (the first version of Traktor for DVS). Traktor Scratch Pro is now one of Native Instruments’ flagship products, with a variety of interface options catering to DJs of all syles and standards. Traktor Final Scratch contains a number of features that enable you to sync and link your work with other NI packages such as Maschine and Komplete.

On the other side of the world (Auckland, New Zealand), Serato Audio Research developed their own product – Serato Scratch Live. Serato Audio Research is a DJ software developer, specialising in audio production and digital dj tools. It was founded in 1998 by Stephen West and AJ Bertenshaw who developed a timestretching and pitch-shifting Pro Tools plugin, Pitch 'N Time.

Rane developed the USB soundcard hardware for Serato, making it a very popular solution for DJs who wanted the control of playing with vinyl, but without the luggage.

At Store DJ, we understand DVS and Timecode. Whether you use Traktor or Serato, or are new to DVS and DJ software, we can help you with a range of solutions to give your digital music that vinyl feel and control.

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Denon DJ DS1 Serato DVS Interface
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Native Instruments Traktor Scratch A6
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Serato DJ Pro Software (Serial)
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$199 Ships in 7 Days
Rane Serato SL4 DVS Digital Vinyl System
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$1399 In Stock
Serato DJ Suite (Serial)
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$549 Ships in 7 Days
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Control CD
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$19 Ships in 7 Days
Serato Studio Studio Beat Making Software (Serial)
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$349 Accepting Orders
Serato Tool Kit Expansion Pack (Serial)
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$219 Ships in 7 Days
Serato Sample Music Production Software (Serial)
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$159 Accepting Orders
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